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Johnathan Franklin breaks down two of the Rams key plays in the Week 14 win against the Seattle Seahawks at the Coliseum. Jonathan Franklin breaks down the Rams major plays in the team's Week 13 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Watch as Johnathan Franklin break's down this week's thrilling matchup against the Chicago Bears.


Johnathan Franklin breaks down Malcolm Brown's touchdown and Cory Littleton's interception against the Rams week one win against the Carolina Panthers. Myles Simmons breaks down the Rams run game against the Cowboys this past Saturday in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Myles Simmons breaks down all three interceptions against the bears in last week's regular season matchup. Myles Simmons takes a closer look at Cory Littleton's game-changing punt block in the Rams' win over the Chargers in Week 3.

Myles Simmons takes a closer look at Marcus Peters' game-clinching pick six in the Rams' season-opening win over the Raiders. All Presented by. Join Johnathan Franklin as we breakdown the Rams best plays from Week 4! Myles Simmons breaks down Robert Wood's 56yd run against the Seahawks. Latest Videos. Team Yearbook: Rams. Aaron Donald back in Madden 99 Club. Vamos Rams: un vistazo a la defensa que encabeza Aaron Donald y la gran duda en los linebackers. John Johnson ready to make his return.

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All-22 analysis: 2019 Buffalo Bills’ forced fumbles

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Holsters Buy Now. Threaded Barrel Kit Buy Now.We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate. Check back here each week as a rotating cast of football watchers discusses the weekend's key plays, coaching decisions, and traumatic brain injuries.

Tom, you're right to want to see the NFL's proprietary All 22 footage. The All 22—the game tape that only coaches and players get to watch—is where it's at. Televised games follow the ball and leave the majority of the action unseen.

The quarterback makes a throw; a receiver makes a catch, or doesn't. The standard broadcast camera makes their individual plays the center of the show. When something bad happens to them, visibly, the league goes to work on the rulebook.

Every once in a while the network will replay a specific battle on the offensive line or in the secondary, but they get to choose which ones. The All 22 is cut from two cameras, one on the yard line and one in the end zone, both high in the rafters, so you can watch whatever battle you want.

That's why coaches spend so much time watching film. They're thoroughly evaluating the performance of every player, all 11, on each play, which often means watching each player's performance several times. That means potentially watching each play 20 or 30 times. And that's how you explain to your wife why you won't be home for dinner, ever.

If you need a break from your family, get into coaching. The All 22 gives the viewer a much more nuanced perspective of what is happening on the field.

You see the reason why the quarterback did what he did, and not just what he did. You see an accurate view of every run play from a fixed point behind or in front of the snap, which reveals the true alignment and gap responsibility of the defensive line and linebackers and the technique of the offensive line.

And without the high-definition network cameras and zoomed-in slow-motion shots, the action looks much less personal. It appears as a video game, and we are free to analyze it as such, without those crystal-clear reminders of the game's true brutality, like an up-close view of a head bouncing off the turf.

Perhaps the area of the game most compromised by the lack of the All 22 is special teams. On a special teams play, the television camera follows the flight of the ball and ignores all The reality of special teams remains largely unknown for this reason.

No one sees it. The ball is kicked, it flies through the air and a man catches it. Then he is swarmed by a murder of crows, followed by a TV timeout. But the crows have detailed assignments. They're engaged in a choreographed savagery as they cover a kick, or, conversely, attempt to prevent the kick's covering. Special teams coaches come up with all sorts of creative kick returns and punt block schemes: a meeting of the minds overseeing a meeting of the brains.

A member of the front line of a kickoff return team has the assignment of blocking a certain player on all the different returns. In order to identify that player, a numbering system was created. The player closest to the sideline on the right, as you face them, is the R1.

all. 22

As a member of the return team, I know I am supposed to block the R3 on this return.When I was working for the Cleveland Browns back in the early s, then-owner Art Modell routinely asked me questions after each game.

He always prefaced them with a declaration: "Now, kid, you know I am not second-guessing, but rather first-guessing Yogi Berra once said, "You can see a lot just by observing. But here's the fundamental question: From this influx of observations, will the right conclusions be drawn? It is one thing to simply watch the All coverage. It is quite another to understand what is really happening on the field.

There are people in some personnel departments across the league who will watch the All and not be certain which players deserve blame and which ones deserve praise. This is not a knock on personnel folks, but rather a tribute to the complexities involved in just one football play. Professional football has become a game of high-level chess. Therefore, if the people critiquing the All tape are not well-versed in the strategy, the potential for misinformation becomes even greater.

Oftentimes, our conversations centered on my goals -- how I could reach them, and what I ultimately wanted to become.

At that time, I thought I really knew the game of football. But in reality, each time I viewed the All, I was just watching film. Not studying, not improving, not learning. Just running the machine. As Coach Walsh would tell me, I did not understand the play, so I couldn't correctly evaluate the player.

Each time you watch the All, you must be able to simultaneously assess the play and the player to understand both. This is not easy for some in the NFL, let alone fans who want to access the coaches' tape. And therein lies the problem with All tape becoming available to the general public, particularly when it comes to passing plays.

Someone will be open and many fans will assume that the quarterback did not make the right read or was locked onto another receiver. Yet in reality there is a progression on every pass play -- based on the coverage -- that a quarterback must rely on to determine who gets the ball. What might appear to be open on the All might not be on the progression. Correctly studying the All requires a complete understanding of schemes -- both offensive and defensive -- and what each player is supposed to do on each play.

Let's go back to the example mentioned above, where it appears a receiver is open, but the quarterback does not get him the ball. The viewer must know the coverage and understand the principles of the coverage -- what looks like man at times can really be matchup zone -- before determining whether the quarterback really missed a potential target. Computing all of this information is very difficult if you are not in the meetings each day, not around the team and not privy to the playbook.

By allowing everyone to see the All filmthe NFL has opened up Pandora's Box -- which is fine, as long as everyone understands that many observations are going to be wrong. Fans should want to watch football from the coaches' viewpoint, as it will help broaden their knowledge of the game, allowing them to see more than just where the ball is going. But be careful what conclusions are drawn and always preface your observations like my old boss Art Modell did, with a "first guess.

all. 22

Follow Michael Lombardi on Twitter michaelombardi. Want to access the All film for your favorite team? With two superstars leading the way, new Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley will look to succeed despite myriad free-agent losses.

Training camp will commence Monday for Texans, Chiefs rookies and get underway in full force with veterans reporting on July Helping Miami become a winner is what drew running back Jordan Howard to signing with the team: "I felt like we're turning things around down here, I just wanted to be a part of that. I was part of a turnaround in Chicago, so I embrace those type of things. His misdemeanor charges remain.

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all. 22

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all. 22

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LSU vs Oklahoma Football 12/28/19 (CFB Playoff Semifinal) [All-22 View]

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As the bullet slows, the shock wave caused by supersonic travel overtakes the bullet and can disrupt its flight path, causing minor but measurable inaccuracies. As a hunting cartridge, rimfires are mainly used to kill small game up to the size of coyotes. Because a. In fact, a.The NFL has teased those wishing to have access to the film over the past few seasons, offering select plays from the angle as a part of the Game Rewind service offered by the league.

Writers and fans wishing to analyze the game deeper wanted access to every play from the coveted angle, and they wanted it at their own convenience.

The package would allow access to subscribers to view any play, from any game all season, using the All angle on television, on their tablet or their computer, with access lasting until the end of July of Understandably, there has been rejoicing among the blogosphere, where it is seen as just another inevitable step in the fight for increased access for non-traditional media.

Already fans and writers are salivating over the chance to better understand what happens on the field. One of the biggest criticisms of modern football is how passing plays are televised. The camera angle that best conveys the overall flow of the play is the one that follows the ball, from snap to quarterback to downfield.

The problem with that angle is that from the snap to release of the pass the defensive secondary is almost completely removed from the screen, only coming back into view once the ball is zipped downfield.

In the time between the QB making his read and throwing the pass a million little things happen off screen that lead to the success or failure of a play, yet fans only get to see the culmination of those million little things. With the release of the All footage, those that want to can finally see everything leading up to the finish of the play.

Similarly, the All will make it easier to evaluate blocking schemes on pass and run plays, as part of the line is often cut off from view as traditional camera angles follow the primary flow of action.

Perhaps most intriguing is the impact the footage may have on special team analysis. Special teams in football are a mass of flesh colliding at high speed, and it often appears to have little rhyme or reason other than vague notions regarding running lanes. With the ability to watch the entire field from start to finish the nuances of special teams play should become more apparent to those watching, which may lead to an increased appreciation of quality special teamers.

One of the main drawbacks from a presentation standpoint is that the nature of fitting 22 players on screen makes them appear almost like stick figures and casual viewers are not prone to watching things where they have to squint to follow the action, even on big screen televisions.

Beyond that, there are those who are concerned about the public release of the footage and have been for years, stressing the potential for undue criticism in a media landscape already littered with round-the-clock talking heads dissecting every play.

One of the most quoted men throughout the saga has been former Redskins and Texans general manager Charley Casserly. Lombardi discusses in the piece how even as a member of the San Francisco 49ers organization, he had access to the film when he started his career.

Still, he was simply watching the film, not truly understanding it.

.22 Long Rifle

He goes on to expand on what may be the biggest danger associated with the All footage: fan ignorance. Without proper knowledge of playbooks and schemes for both the offense and defense, it is impossible for fans to accurately assess the performance of players, even when granted access to footage that shows all players at all times.

NFL schemes and plays are incredibly complex and intentionally deceptive. Still, there is plenty of good to go with the bad, and with time there is a hope that this footage will legitimately lead to a greater understanding and love of the NFL game. Archives